Saturday Service x Hobnob: Punk is Not Dead, It’s Reimagined

On Saturday, September 24th, a Los Angeles neighborhood was filled with the steady boom of a bass guitar and the fluctuating tones of raw vocals. It was time for another of John Katovsich’s eye-opening (or should we say ear-opening) Saturday Services—and Hobnob was ready to help him facilitate the event.

Print Shop Uses Hobnob for NYC Private Screening

It’s easy to associate the fashion industry with glamour and privilege. New York Fashion Week is filled with big names and million dollar dresses. But there’s a grittier, darker side to this world that also deserves to be seen. This year, thanks to a narrative short, Print Shop, it was.

The Naked and Famous and FMLYBND – Saturday Service

Looking at one of these Saturday Services would lead you to believe it was nothing more than a neighbor’s backyard kickback. In fact, one of the performing bands, FMLYBND, simply referred to it as a “house party” on their Instagram account.

The Thermals & Nada Surf

An intimate venue for influential film, tv, and music decision makers who ultimately still just love good tunes and good times, Saturday Service is exactly the type of party we want to get invited to.

Graffiti Artist: Bates

We are thrilled to launch our #ArtistSeries with a showcase of work by renowned Danish graffiti artist Bates at Buckshot Gallery in Santa Monica, California, last weekend.