Print Shop Uses Hobnob for NYC Private Screening

It’s easy to associate the fashion industry with glamour and privilege. New York Fashion Week is filled with big names and million dollar dresses. But there’s a grittier, darker side to this world that also deserves to be seen. This year, thanks to a narrative short, Print Shop, it was.

On September 11th, a private screening of this short was held in New York’s exclusive Soho House, and Hobnob was excited to help spread the word. Hosted by Taj Reed of High Snobiety and presented in part by VSCO and OXOSI, the event was authentic, passionate, and reflected Print Shop’s themes of street culture, hip-hop, and high fashion.

The film follows the plight of a young designer, Ishmael Morris, who produces Rest-in-Peace t-shirts within his community. Viewers are immediately affected by the raw backdrop of inner-city Philadelphia in 2001 as well as the protagonist’s inner-conflict about pursuing his dreams, while profiting off his neighborhood’s grief.


“The film will enlighten the world about how some minority communities across America use fashion as not only as a tool for self-expression, but also for grieving and honoring the deceased,” explains Executive Producer Sean Valentine, “We want the fashion world to know that there is a great wealth of talent hidden in these communities and that many of them are using passion as the fuel to make their dreams a reality.”

In honor of the film and its message, the event began with a Print Shop Pop Up shop. Here, attendees could purchase various merchandise, including t-shirts inspired by the film. It was a fun and interactive way to start the event and its momentum was carried over into the viewing. A lot of people wore their t-shirts to the screening and were buzzing with excitement as they waited for the movie to begin.


The audience consisted of Soho House members, tastemakers of all different backgrounds, the cast, crew, media, and investors. People came from all different cities just to see the film, and it was incredibly humbling for the Print Shop team to see everyone gathered together within the space.

Soho House was an ideal location for this event. Its upper-tier elegance was exactly what Print Shop deserved, while its industrial brick walls and architecture spoke to the edginess of the content. Guests in streetwear and urban fashion sunk into oversized armchairs or spoke passionately about the film beside factory style windows draped with silk curtains. The atmosphere was intimate and exclusive, and guests felt how special it was to be there.


“As a private event it was important to make sure that everyone was informed in a way that was discreet, and Hobnob allowed us to do just that,” Valentine says, “Hobnob was great about sending gentle reminders to our guests for both the Pop Up shop and the Private Screening. This allowed Print Shop to be at the top of everyone’s mind all day, but in a way that wasn’t invasive—which is something very valuable to our following.”

Print Shop is a film that will not only change the fashion industry, but also the lives of all creatives who are pursuing their dreams. Hobnob was proud to be a part of Print Shop’s debut and we look forward to seeing the impact it will have on fashion and different communities across America. To learn more about Print Shop, head to its Facebook page and be sure to see more collaborations with these talented filmmakers and Hobnob here.































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