RSVP management, sophisticated designs & free event websites to share by text, email, or social

What Are Hobnob EVENTS?

Hobnob Events help you make life happen. We want to help you:

1. Make stunning invitations and send them by text
2. Simplify the RSVP process with an easy to use guest list and automated reminders
3. Stay connected with your guests before and after the event

Why Hobnob Events?

Why Hobnob? We noticed that we were spending more time online pretending to connect, and less time actually connecting to the people and activities that mattered most in our lives. Unlike social tools that are focused on increasing “time in app” to sell your data to ad networks, Hobnob creates private events and online Spaces meant to be the most efficient way for you to get out there with your favorite people, and get stuff done —together.

What Can I Do With Events?

Create in Seconds

Created stunning invites in seconds using our templates or customize with your photos or videos

Send by Text

Send your event through text message. No spam, no ads

Make events easy

Hobnob reminds guests to RSVP so you don't have to chase people down yourself

Maps and Directions

All guests will be able to access a map and directions to the location of the event

Automated Notifications

Each guests thats invited will receive automated notifications as the event approaches

Collect Photos

All your guests can upload photos of the event in one conveinient place

Play Video

Hobnob Helps You Manage All Types of Events


Plan your next Fundraiser in style.


Make planning School events easy.


Get RSVP's for your upcoming shower.


Make your big day stress free.


Get everyone onboard for the game.


Who's coming to your next party?


Potluck and cook out like a pro.


Don't let anyone miss the special day.

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