Sign Up Lists

Host a Potluck, Organize Volunteers, Fulfill a Wish List - in a Snap

What Are Sign Up Lists?

The easiest way to organize who is bringing or doing what.

1. Collaborate smarter. List items or time slots available.

2. Everyone can select items on the web, no account, downloads, or logins needed.

3. Guests can write notes to describe their items, making it easier to ensure no duplicates.

Why Hobnob Sign Up Lists?

Our mission has always been to make organizing people easy so we can all spend less time planning and more time enjoying each other. So we offer a free way for groups to collaborate on everything from potlucks to classroom wishlists and volunteer time slots. Sign Up Lists are flexible enough to be used for a wide variety of needs.

Sign Up Lists can be shared via text, social media, email, or the app. Responses can be submitted without any downloads needed, from anywhere. Let people know what is needed, select items, and submit their own suggestions.

What Can I Do with sign up lists?

Collect Items or Time Slots

Organize your event or needs with an easy to sign up list for people to select from

Send by Text

Send the sign up list through text message. No spam, no ads

Choose Quantities

Select how many you’re needing for each time or item for simple tracking

No Account Needed

People can select from the list without an account

Stay Updated

We will notify you when people select items/slots from the sign up list

Create in Seconds

Volunteer fundraisers or teacher appreciation week, we will be there to help get everything taken care of in seconds

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