Time Polls

Easily gather votes to select the best date and time

What Are Time Polls?

Put a stop to endless “what time works for you?” group texts:

1. Pick some date and time options to share via text, email, or social
2. Everyone can vote on the web, no account, downloads, or logins needed
3. Select the best option and easily share the info, or turn it into an event invite instantly

Why Hobnob Time Polls?

Our mission has always been to make organizing people easy, so we can all spend less time planning, and more time enjoying each other. So we are offering a free way to figure out the best time for your group to meet. Time Polls lets everyone see what date and/or time options work best for everyone. We never sell user data or display ads and your group can vote without downloading the app or creating an account. Your friends will thank you for making life this slick and easy.

What Can I Do with Time Polls

Quick Scheduling

Schedule a date and time that works for everyone

Send by Text

Send the time poll list through text message. No spam, no ads

Maps and Directions

We will let your guest know exactly where to go so they don’t miss out

Monitor Responses

See who has selected a time and date, so you have a head count

Add to Calendar

We won’t let you forget by adding it to your personal calendar

Turn into an Event

With the perfect date and time selected, turn the selection into an event and invite all your guests with beautifully designed flyers

Download for iOS & Android