For Hiking Clubs

Hiking clubs have been a hit with Hobnob ever since we launched Events. Members created custom invites with their gorgeous landscape photos that they earned after a grueling climb or even a leisurely stroll in the woods, and it was a great way to get hikers together and keep all the photos from their adventures in one place. But members still needed help planning the next adventure in between their Hobnob invites, and that’s where Spaces come in.

With Spaces, you can create and personalize your own hiking Space, invite members by text or email, and keep all your conversations, photos, and events organized, private, and tidy. Need help deciding on the next adventure location or date? No problem, just start a post and ask members to vote with a đź‘Ť or đź‘Ž emoji on a proposed hike or spot to meet. Easily coordinate all your hiking club communications and invites with your own Space today!

Member Managment

Easy member management with invites via text, email, or social


Customizable topics for easy chat filtering and organization

Events Coordination

With stunning event flyers, text RSVPs, and dedicated info, photos, and chat

Private Media Sharing

Each Community can collect photos and share media links privately without visibility by your other groups, events, communities, or other social networks

Self-Tailored Notifications

Each Community member can set his or her own notification preferences, down to each individual post

No Distractions

Hobnob is only about making it easier for you to coordinate with your various Communities and Events. No “News Feeds”, ads, or friend recommendations

For You
Hobnob was designed for you—your experience revolves around the various people you call family and friends, and the Spaces and Events you create and join. So whether you are planning a movie night or a family dinner, Hobnob has you covered.
For Your Crew
You can invite anyone you want to your various Spaces, or join any that invite you. All the members, chats, events, and photos are safe and private to that particular Space or Event, and you can access all of them easily on Hobnob.
For All That You Do
We realize that you have a lot on your plate, that’s why we wanted to make things easier. All your Spaces, Events, chats, and photos are all accessible from your personal activity feed on Hobnob. You can quickly update plans for your sister’s birthday party while making sure you don’t miss this week’s hangout, all in a couple of taps.