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Throttle-benders, professionals, open road enthusiasts, gearheads, friends

Finding friendship at full throttle, members of cafe racer collective Blacklist Moto are bound by their passion for chrome, leather, and having fun on two wheels.


There’s a long road ahead for the members of Blacklist Moto, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Blacklist Moto ride motos that range from cafe racers, to cruisers, to dual sport motos, to scramblers, etc. These Phoenix-based motorcycle enthusiasts meet up on their motorcycles every Tuesday evening. Geared up in their leathers and helmets, it’s hard to appreciate what a diverse group is, members include professionals from aerospace engineers to firefighters, architects to social media directors, artists/ designers to US Air Force vets. Despite their varied backgrounds, there’s one thing they all understand: the exhilaration of shaking-off the day by cracking the throttle open on a stretch of highway.


Weekends call for longer rides or moto camping, a chance for the riders to break out their cruisers and get lost in the amazing scenery of the American Southwest. Riding as a pack, their friendships have forged over having each others’ backs, sharing the buoyant freedom of the open road, and knocking the occasional mid-ride/ mid-road fist-bump.

As much as they crave the wind in their hair, the Blacklisters love geeking out in the shop, too. In the true spirit of cafe racers, the group gathers regularly for “garage nights” to collaborate on constructing frames and customizing features of their bikes.

“Hobnob has made scheduling motorcycle rides and sharing them with Blacklist Moto members super easy. We are using the app to plan garage nights, dinner rides, and moto camping trips as well.”
— Christian Vera

We caught up with Blacklister Christian Vera, host of Right This Minute TV show, a news and viral video show that highlights compelling online videos and the stories behind them. In fact, the spirited journalist was first inspired to try motorcycling after reporting on it for the show. Feeding her adventurous spirit perfectly, it was love at first vroom. Before long she owned two bikes and helped found Blacklist Moto.


“We recently traveled to Moab, UT for Motos in Moab, a motorcycle campout near Arches National Park at the shore of the Colorado River. Hobnob helped us coordinate the 1,100 mile round trip traveled by 6 riders and two pace vehicles. We were able to keep ride specific conversations to one thread and everyone could reference back to the app for clarity and ride details. We particularly like the photo sharing capability of the app! It makes it super easy to share the moments captured by everyone on the trip.”


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