Introducing Our New Brand Identity

The Hobnob team is thrilled to reveal our updated branding, and we’d love to share the thought process that went into it.


We see the new brand identity as an evolutionary change – a simple one, but one that we feel better represents our personality and goals.

We kept our rounded typography, which suits the letters in Hobnob and gives balance and smoothness to our name, which has meant “socialize” or “drink together” since the early 19th century. But there is a simple addition of a ‘smile’ in our first letter “o”. The logotype is thus minimalist and clean, representing not only our design principles, but also our desire to seamlessly integrate with your life. Yet the smile evokes the emotion we hope you feel every time you interact with Hobnob. Because Hobnob is about spending time with the people and causes you care about; we want you to recall the joy you felt at receiving your first party invitation as a child, the anticipation you experience when you’re getting together with friends, the happiness you feel when your guests let you know they’ll be joining you shortly. In a world where social streams can be filled with frustrating news and callous remarks, Hobnob is a service that connects you to talk with each other in person, with the people you choose to have real life experiences with. It is a humanizing service, that needed a humanized logo.


Secondly, we decided on what we call “Golden Hour Green” – the green of the grass as sunlight hits it as the day comes to an end, in the magic time when photography has its best light, when everyone celebrates the end of a beautiful day, and anticipates a fun evening ahead. It’s the time of happy hours, portrait photos, and getting ready for a night out. It is also the color that represents “Yes” and “Go” – perfect because we feel the people who use Hobnob are people who make life happen, who make great memories, and rally their friends for a gathering. You are the people who say “yes” to life.

Speaking of saying “yes” to life, we are excited to share Hobnob User Stories – features about regular people doing amazing things, with the assistance of Hobnob. We celebrate you as you celebrate life. If you’d like to be featured, please email us.

Now, thanks from all of us to all of you. We promise to keep making it easier, more beautiful, and more fun to make the memorable moments in your life happen.


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