An Olympic Waterwoman Balancing Extreme Sports and Parenting

Lauren Spalding

Mother, Olympian, Sportscaster, Commercial Realtor, Ambassador of Aloha

Lauren is a mother of three kids who somehow manages to charge big waves, paddle long distances, spearfish, and exude the Aloha Spirit at the same time.


Lauren is a born and raised Maui girl who represented the U.S. at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, competing in two kayaking divisions.

She’s become an iconic water women throughout the state, winning the grueling Molokai channel crossing race – a 41.7 mile paddle across some of the roughest oceans in the world – as a solo paddler, solo surfski, and as part of an outrigger canoe crew that has won the crossing a record six times. She has gone on to be a sports announcer for the televised broadcast of the men’s race, managing to entertain a global audience with her aloha spirit over the entire 6-8 hour show.


In the midst of her athletic endeavors she has raised three children, one of whom is already following in his mother’s footsteps and competing internationally in the sport of paddling. You can next see Lauren competing in the solo Molokai crossing race on May 29, 2016 on her canoe by Puakea Designs, for whom she is a team rider.


Types of Events: Holiday gatherings, kids’ birthday parties, ladies nights, sporting events


I love to party plan, but it\’s something I do between work, paddling, training, and juggling my three kids\’ schedules. Since everyone is living life on the go, mobile invites are a necessity—and Hobnob is so much better than a big group text. It makes my life easier, too. The app makes an event out of even the most casual of gatherings and its features provide a great experience for my guests. I really love the photo sharing–like it\’s own mini-Insta! My last Hobnob invite looked so nice—don\’t tell anyone I did at in the parking lot waiting for my daughter to get out of gymnastics.


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