An Artist Using Paint to Redraw the Battle Lines of Her Hometown

Erin Elizabeth

Artist, Yogi, Global Nomad, Proud Stocktonian

A painter inspired by her world travels, Erin returned home to Stockton and uses art to get competing gangs to come together.


Erin left her corporate job to teach yoga and pursue her passion for painting in travels from Columbia to Thailand, Malta, and Morrocco. Born and raised in Stockton, she finally returned home, inspired by the cultures and people she had met along the way.

Erin has created a class to share her perspective on art called “Art Alchemy” – the practice of “getting out of your head and into your heart through abstract painting”. An extension of that has been to work with the city of Stockton to create an art session where members of competing gangs in her hometown come together and express themselves in a safe environment with art as a medium instead of words or weapons. We are proud that Erin is using Hobnob to communicate this important event to community members and participants.


Some unique aspects of Erin’s work include the use of Pacific Ocean water to move the acrylic paints on her canvases for a special effect infused with her experiences on both sides of that ocean. She also often writes passages on the backs of her canvases that inspire the paintings themselves.

You can keep up with her artwork and learn more about Erin here or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Types of Events: Art shows and art classes


Erin\’s Hobnob Experience:

Hobnob allows me to communicate to my clients in a unique and more personal way. Plus, it\’s helped me reach out more effectively to the community about my upcoming events.


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