A Guide to Planning Business Events with Hobnob

Are you a business looking for an effective way to host your upcoming events while connecting with your client base? Look no further than Hobnob – the all-in-one planning app that can help take the hassle out of planning and organizing your event. 

From creating invitations, sending reminders and tracking guests’ responses to collecting payments and messaging attendees in real time, it\’s designed for busy professionals who need to manage their events efficiently, and effortlessly. 

If you need to impress your clients or just host the perfect business event – let us show you how to get started using the hobnob app so you can make sure every detail is taken care of in advance – allowing you to unlock the potential of meaningful engagement with your customers!

Pre-event planning can be a daunting task for busy professionals like yourself, but with the right event management tool, it doesn\’t have to be. 

No matter if you\’re hosting a small gathering or a large conference, we can help. In this post, we\’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using Hobnob to plan your next business event.

Why business events are important

Business events provide a great opportunity to celebrate milestones, show appreciation, and kick off a new phase of the business.

These events allow everyone involved to get together and share in an exciting experience that recognizes the hard work and dedication that went into achieving success. 

They can help create a feeling of unity within an organization and bring focus to new endeavors. Business events are therefore essential for every company and serve as lasting memories for all involved.

What type of events you can plan with Hobnob

Need to plan a special event or celebrate a business milestone, but stuck with the details? Create an unforgettable event that’ll leave both hosts and guests feeling special. 

The Open House – 


Realtors, make your next open houses an event to remember and make it easy to close the deal for your clients. 

Host a Launch Party – 

Kick things off with a fabulous launch party for your latest venture and get your clients excited for what’s to come.


Show your appreciation


Thank your clients and customers for their loyalty with an amazing client appreciation event!

How to use Hobnob to plan business events

Planning business events used to be a time consuming affair, but with Hobnob, it can be effortless and give you more time to focus on creating spectacular memories for your guests. 

From initial concept creation to final event execution, Hobnob provides the tools to create and manage an exceptional event from beginning to end.

Invite your guests, select the themes and activities for the event, track RSVPs, craft a personalized message for each guest, receive payments effortlessly – all through one platform. 

With Hobnob in hand, no business event has to be a hassle or cause stress again.

With these features, hobnob is designed to make your event planning easier & effortless. 

Effortless Designs – Create beautiful designs by adding your own video clip or photo to any template for an instant design. 

Lightning Fast RSVPs – Need to know who’s coming quickly? Our hosts get responses 30% faster by sending invites via text and have a 25% higher response rate. 

Instant Event Updates – We all know how many details change in the process of planning. No need to worry. Send your guests instant updates or reminders at any time. 

Collect Payments – Selling tickets or fundraising for an event? No problem. Collecting money for your events shouldn’t be hard. We made it simple, just for you. 

How to get the most out of your business event planning with Hobnob

Effortless event planning is just a few clicks away. 

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to lock in the guest list and communicate with your guests with ease. 

A successful business event is one that stays in the minds and hearts of those who attended. 

To make sure your next corporate gathering sticks in their memory banks, make it memorable by setting the vibe with a unique style and theme with a custom design. 

Share all pertinent details ahead of time and make sure everyone knows what to expect – it will help make sure attendees feel welcome and make them more likely to come back next time you are hosting an event. 

Shake up the networking opportunities by utilizing fun activities or an interactive game will make people excited to talk, share their perspectives, and build relationships that could prove invaluable for everyone involved.

For busy professionals looking to plan effortless events that create meaningful engagement, Hobnob offers a comprehensive platform that makes the process painless. 

With features like automated reminders and attendance tracking – along with plenty of customizable options – it’s never been easier to manage and design high-impact business events. Planning is no longer a stressful task but is instead a smooth and efficient endeavor thanks to the convenience Hobnob provides. Taking advantage of its features gives you more time to focus on what matters most: delivering an experience your guests won\’t forget.


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