Top Pampered Chef Consultant Transforms Her Business

Imagine spending hours collecting physical mailing addresses, then addressing and attaching postage to hundreds of postcards every month. This is what top Pampered Chef Independent Consultant, Mindy Mussel Banks, did for years for over a dozen events each month. Think about that, that’s about 3 events a week!

If you don\’t know about Pampered Chef, you need to check out their stuff right now! Pampered Chef produces incredible kitchen tools that take the stress out of cooking and bring joy to each meal. But the best part is that they empower individuals to be their own boss by becoming an Independent Consultant.


Mindy teaching a cooking blender class showcasing what she calls the Pampered Chef “Smart Blender”

With her willingness to spend countless hours prepping postcards and spend hundreds of dollars on postage it\’s no surprise that Mindy is the top seller in Georgia and #12 in the nation. But the frustration of having to deal with last-minute postcard invites, the pain of collecting physical mailing addresses and the cost of having to hire an assistant to help when she was away, led her to find a better solution.

Mindy was invited to a kid\’s birthday party and didn\’t have time to RSVP. Then she got the auto-reminder and she knew that Hobnob could help her too. Hobnob does the work for the host by sending auto-reminders to guests that haven’t RSVP’d and even driving directions the day of the event.

\”Hobnob has completely transformed the way I do business\”, says Mindy. 

Now, Mindy\’s co-hosts can easily invite their guests from their own address books (no physical mailing addresses needed), their guests get reminded automatically and she has more time to spend building her business. Plus guests enjoy the seamless experience of being able to RSVP right from their mobile device.

But the best part is, Hobnob saves her money. Mindy cut approximately 80% of her event promotion costs by switching to Hobnob. The cost of sending one month of postcards now affords her a year’s Hobnob Membership. According to the Flip Flop Chef \”Money talks and saving money is one of my most favorite things to do!”.


Mindy creates her own custom invites for her events and uploads them to Hobnob for a truly personal touch for her events.


Connect with Mindy (The Flip Flop Chef) and learn more about what Pampered Chef can do for you.


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