3 Halloween Ideas That Are Sure to be Frightfully Fun

Spooky season is here with a variety of events to plan for the month of October. Neighborhood cul-de-sac potlucks, costume parties, or maybe a Halloween surprise birthday party! Hobnob will keep your events organized all while giving you your time back to focus on the fun parts of being a host. 

A monster mash neighborhood cul-de-sac get together where the adults can hand out candy while the children play and enjoy Halloween night. Without letting the event get Frankenstein it is convenient to create a Sign Up List so everyone can claim the items to bring. Nobody will go batty as Hobnob will keep your event organized allowing your guests to RSVP and be notified of any changes to the Sign Up list and event details. Check out these Sign Up Lists created to give you some inspiration for your upcoming neighborhood party:


You may be planning a costume party to celebrate with children or adult friends. Hobnob can give them “pumpkin” to talk about with a spooktacular invite that can be created in minutes. With a few party details and an image selected from our beloved graphics you will be inviting your guests in no time. We have shared some of our favorite boo-tastic costume party invites to inspire: 


How about a Halloween surprise party? Let’s go ghouls! With such amazing decor for Halloween, why not create an event invite to match? With so many images to choose from you will be able to set the vibe and communicate with your guest through the Hobnob app. We have shared some ghoul event flyer inspirations for the event: 


It’s going to be a great Halloween — we can feel it in our bones — and Hobnob is here to be a part of it from start to finish and even after the event. As a host, you can relax and enjoy your gathering as your guests can upload photos to the Hobnob app to gather all the memories captured and share the spookiness to all.


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