How to host the perfect Friends-giving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is full of traditions with family or friends. For some, that ritual may be attending an aunt\’s house for the traditional feast, while for others it is picking up a pre-made dinner at your favorite local restaurant. 


A sample Friendsgiving flyer you can send by text on Hobnob

How do you celebrate with your friends? Is it by hosting a Friends-giving where everyone brings their signature dish? Or perhaps one person takes on the responsibility of cooking the entire turkey? Hobnob is adaptable as the tool you need to plan your event, from arranging a time that works for all your friends, to even a Sign Up List so your guest can choose what to bring. It is time for you to enjoy the feast of giving and hand off the stress of planning to Hobnob. 

Take a look at some of Hobnob\’s favorite things for the Thanksgiving season!

Looking for the best Thanksgiving side dishes? From sweet potato casserole to corn pudding, these 15 sides will leave your guests happy and satisfied. Insanely Good Blog shares “15 Thanksgiving Side Dishes”.


Need some fun games for Thanksgiving? Maybe touch football isn’t the only thing you want on the agenda.

Britni at Play Party Plan shared, “12 Hilarious Thanksgiving Games Everyone Will Love”.


Play these at a Friendsgiving or fall feast if that works better for you! They’re not your run-of-the-mill games and far more fun than just sitting in front of a television (although we won’t judge if you want to work off that turkey on the couch).


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