Sign Up Lists and Football Season Go Hand in Hand

With Summer coming to an end and Fall around the corner some of us are  getting excited about upcoming events that happen during this time of the year. It may be the start of the holidays or the leaves changing colors on the trees, or perhaps the start of Football season and tailgating with your friends and family. 

Hobnob recently released the Sign Up List feature, which makes being a member of the Hobnob community even better. Now you can utilize Hobnob for more than events and announcements. You can now plan an upcoming event such as tailgating for a Friday night lights football game and provide your guests with a new organizational tool to make the event even easier to plan. 

Sign Up List will become your personal assistant and your new best friend. You can keep track of who is bringing what and it is easy for everyone  to use. Someone can sign up for the drinks or the ice,the food or the tableware.


Easy, right? First, you make an event to invite your guest to join you for the football game. Using the Hobnob app you can select photos and fonts to give your event the perfect football game vibe. 


Now here comes the magic as you can connect your Signup list to your event! While creating your event you may have seen “select a sign up list”. If you select the drop-down you will see your tailgating Sign Up list you created a few steps before (or, you can create it right from the Event itself!). By selecting your Sign Up List your guest will be able to see it, use it and sign up all from the event invite you sent.

Now you can enjoy your tailgate and cheer for your team to take it all the way home. Your event and Sign Up list are bound to give you a touchdown win!


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