Multi-Talented Yasmin Dar Uses Hobnob

Anyone who’s ever said you can’t have it all has never met Yasmin Dar Fasi. This stylish beauty is a mother, entrepreneur, and digital media specialist. From pursuing a career in broadcast journalism to starting a fashion company with her sister, she’s never been one to let opportunities pass her by. Now, with the help of Hobnob, this mother of two continues to produce fresh and fun content on her blog, MommyCrush, and is taking the fashion world by storm with, Dolkii. Read on to learn more about this busy style maven and her fabulous events.


Yasmin has never been one to adhere to stereotypes. Graduating from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa with a degree in biology, she broke barriers by being a woman in STEM. Then, when she realized that her love of science wasn’t translating into her post-graduate happiness, she took a risk and switched industries.

Finding her place in the world of television news, she added Hawaii News Now, KITV4, and news anchor at KVAL in Eugene, Oregon to her résumé.

Later in life, Yasmin again proved her fearlessness when it came to deciding what was best for her overall well-being. After a required bed rest during pregnancy (something extremely difficult for this on-the-go, dedicated yogi) and the arrival of her first child with husband Sal Fasi, she recognized the need to have family nearby, and moved back home to Hawai’i.

But don’t think that her move has slowed this incredible woman down for a second!


Starting her blog, MommyCrush, she shared her experiences during pregnancy as well as what it was like being a first-time mom. As her son grew, Yasmin continued to develop this online resource and began to include DIY tutorials and helpful guides for parents of toddlers.

And that’s not all! Yasmin has welcomed a second child, Zoya, into her family, as well as joined her sister, Shaiyanne Dar, in the creation of the whimsically bohemian brand, Dolkii.


A fashion blog-turned ecommerce site, Dolkii brings the free-spirited, ethereal beauty of these sisters’ tastes into an expertly curated collection of designs. Featuring brands like Free People, Mink Pink, For Love and Lemons, and Somedays Lovin, as well as handcrafted Mandala throws that give back to charity, Dolkii is an exotic, yet approachable brand that captures the essence of wanderlust in its styles.


Of course, it’s not easy raising a family while managing both a blog and business. This busy lady is not afraid to ask for help and is so thankful to have family nearby. Apps like Hobnob also help her keep track of different events she has for Dolkii (as well as her children). At her recent Night Market booth, she used Hobnob to share on social media and introduce the clothing boutique to a wider range of amazing women.

But, as glamorous as it is to run this designer brand, Yasmin is just as excited (if not more so) to focus on her children and their milestones. In fact, she’s already planning her celebration for Zoya’s first birthday (and she’s looking to Hobnob to help).


“The last baby shower I went to, the event organizer used Hobnob to get everyone together…It was FAB and we all used it to upload photos after the event too. For Zoya’s first birthday in January, I’m planning on using it!”
— Yasmin Dar


Yasmin Dar Fasi proves that with hard work, perseverance, and passion, you can have it all! Hobnob is excited to be a part of more Dolkii and mommy events, so stay tuned for more from the extraordinary Yasmin.



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